Thymly Products provides custom formulated ingredients to meet your specific needs and requirements. Custom ingredients generally have no extra costs, but ease the baker’s mind in knowing their mixing personnel only have to scale one ingredient rather than several.

Thymly is capable of designing a mix or conditioner with safe guards that make the batter or dough more tolerant. This also allows for tighter controls over inventory, which in turn saves money. When you talk to our sales team, we will listen to all of your needs, ideas, and problems before suggesting a mix. We have often found that standard mixes and dough conditioners will work, but for the same cost, we can offer a custom mix that not only replaces your current formula, but improves it at the same or lesser cost.

In addition to custom manufacturing, we also provide Color Plating and Flavor Enhancing. We can create custom formulation of your key ingredients for the same or lesser costs. We have found through the years that a baker will get better uniformity in their finished product when using custom blends. Hand scaling lends itself to highs & lows in the scaling of micro ingredients. Everything inside one lot of a custom blend is the same, which reduces the peaks & valleys.

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