Kudos Blends Distribution Partnership

PRESS RELEASE Kudos Blends is a world-leading company in the manufacture of innovative and highly functional leavening agents, which can improve both the nutritional profile and overall quality of baked products. It was founded back in 1999 by Dinnie Jordan, a female entrepreneur who had the vision to break the [...]

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Thymly achieves the highest metal detection sensitivity with Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO RB

October 11, 2012 – Thymly Products, a leading manufacturer of dry mix ingredients for bakeries, knows that their high food safety standards protect their customers as well as consumers. In December 2010, they decided to replace their old metal detector and selected Mettler-Toledo Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO RB, an unusual metal [...]

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Replace Guar Gum in Your Baked Goods!

Thymly Products is pleased to announce the release of our new Alpha Gum which is a direct replacement for Guar Gum. Thymly’s Alpha Gum is made via a special milling process of all natural ingredients. It is designed to be free flowing and easy to hydrate. Since this product [...]

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The Enzyme Equation

February 13, 2013 - "Lower ingredient costs, clean labels and the ability to improve the look, taste and texture of baked goods and snack foods are just some of the reasons why bakers and snack producers are adding enzymes to their ingredient arsenal." "Consumer demand for affordable, better-for-you foods [...]

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Faster Better Baking

March 2013 - "Faster and better - we seem to strive for these qualities in all walks of life. Enzymes work behind the scenes to do this for bakers." "These natural proteins, in the form of a complex, precise arrangement of amino acids, promote highly specific biochemical actions...By helping [...]

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U.S. farm economy flowing in reverse as drought impacts persist

The long reach of last summer's devastating U.S. drought has reversed the flow of the mighty Mississippi River - for corn, at least, with grain-laden barges beginning the rare movement north to Midwest ethanol plants from southern farms. The shipments come as the U.S. faces a 17-year low in [...]

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Caramel Color In Foods

There has been a lot of focus on the dangers of caramel colors found in food and beverages. Caramel color is either burnt or caramelized sugars and starches, typically in a water suspension. Caramel color is the most common food color additive across the food and beverage industry. It [...]

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Chocolate Cake Improver

Want a more rich and luscious chocolate cake? Our Chocolate Cake Improver will transform any standard chocolate cake into a decadent dessert, without adding more cocoa powder. Contact one of our sales reps for more information or a sample. Life's better with Chocolate Cake!

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Cinnamon Prices Continue to Rise

This time of year, cinnamon is an all-time holiday favorite for spicing up cookies, cakes and a variety of other treats. Prices on cinnamon have risen 55% since last December, and it looks as though that trend will continue into the next year. Cinnamon is currently facing poor availability [...]

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Bromate Replacer

Many countries have banned Potassium Bromate in their food products, due to it's link to cancer. This ingredient, however, is still used in the United States, and is found in many baked goods and snack foods. Many companies have chosen to remove Bromate from their products, but still need [...]

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