TPI Dough Drier

Do you have issues with sticky dough? Then it's TPI's Dough Drier to the rescue! It helps develop a drier dough with increased absorption. Our Dough Drier also favorably enhances the quality of your finished products. Don't let sticky dough keep you down! Get more information on our Dough [...]

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Baking Goes Bold

From chardonnay cookies to chipotle mango scones, today's consumers' increasingly curious and sophisticated taste buds have bakers exploring the addition of all types of flavorful ingredients, from sweet and tropical to ethnic and fiery. The addition of this layer of flavor can be suptle, almost unidentifiable, or bold and [...]

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Thymly Fresh 3000

Our Thymly Fresh 3000 is a custom blend of enzymes that offer anti-staling applications. It helps improve and maintain the softness and freshness of breads for longer periods of time. It is non-GMO and works for both regular shelf-baked and refrigerated products.

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Natural Mold Inhibitor

Thymly’s Natural Mold Inhibitor is an excellent alternative over chemical preservatives. It will prevent mold growth, so your bread products can stay on shelves for much longer. Works great in rolls and cakes too!

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Seed Blend

Our custom blend of seeds and grains, is a wonderful addition to your breads and rolls, that will take them to a new level. Whether you choose to mix it into the dough or just use it as a topper, it looks and tastes amazing!

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Issues with bread collapsing after packaging can be a major downfall for bakeries; our Perfection can help give better resiliency to all your baked goods. It also helps replace vital wheat and SSL (sodium stearoyl lactylate) and is clean label as well.

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Frozen Pizza Dough Conditioner

Pizza is an all-time food favorite. From take-out to frozen, everyone has their favorites. Frozen pizza dough comes with its own challenges for pizza makers. Getting the same volume in the crust as non-frozen dough can be difficult. During the freezing process the yeast is killed, so during baking [...]

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Ready On Thym

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch ingredients and our Ready on Thym is no exception. It helps relax the dough while also shortening the mix and pert times. While it gives a uniform crust and crumb color, it significantly increases the volume delivering an exceptional finished product. [...]

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Bread Glaze

We believe in delivering the best ingredients for all your baking needs. Our Bread Glaze is a blend of natural ingredients that when added to water and applied to hot baked products will give a high shine. Let us help you make your products look and taste delicious. [...]

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Sodium in Baking and the Health Risks

When most people hear sodium they immediately think of salt, but there are many other ingredients that contain sodium. These ingredients can increase sodium levels in a variety of foods. Baking powder is an essential ingredient in the food industry. It gives volume to cakes, donuts, sweet goods, and [...]

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