There has been a lot of focus on the dangers of caramel colors found in food and beverages. Caramel color is either burnt or caramelized sugars and starches, typically in a water suspension. Caramel color is the most common food color additive across the food and beverage industry. It can be found in bread, pancakes, cola soft drinks, baked goods, ice cream, candy, dressings, beer, alcoholic beverages, wine and much more. Though there are several types of caramel colors, it is difficult to tell between those that might contain carcinogens on food and drink labels. Many companies have already begun to decrease their use of harmful caramel color, and instead have opted either for one of the safer versions, or to replace the color completely.

Thymly’s Caramel Color Replacer can help companies continue to provide a safe color alternative to their food and drink products. Our Caramel Replacer is also clean label friendly to help meet all your product needs. We have performed multiple bake tests to compare the appearance of our replacer to the original caramel color and they look almost identical. If there is any concern about the health risks of caramel color, then Thymly Products can help.