Pizza is an all-time food favorite. From take-out to frozen, everyone has their favorites. Frozen pizza dough comes with its own challenges for pizza makers. Getting the same volume in the crust as non-frozen dough can be difficult. During the freezing process the yeast is killed, so during baking the crust doesn’t rise. The crust is an integral part of the pizza, and having the perfect crust volume is key to satisfied customers. So, what are pizza makers to do in order to keep their customers happy?

Thymly Products, Inc., has come up with a frozen pizza dough conditioner that helps with the issues facing frozen dough. It is cost effective, continuing to keep dough prices down. It gives a better crust rise and color over traditional frozen dough, that is comparable to non-frozen dough in quality. As an added bonus of the frozen pizza dough conditioner, it increases dough extensibility and offers better sheeting of the dough in general.

The demand for delicious pizza is a constant. And what makes a pizza more delicious than a perfect crust. With Thymly’s Frozen Pizza Dough Conditioner, frozen pizza makers can offer the same quality crust volume as non-frozen dough, but at a much more competitive price. So, pizza can continue to be a delicious food favorite, for generations to come.