Environmental Sustainability: Thymly Products Inc. strives toward a greener tomorrow!

TPI is committed to environmental & health protection. While we are proud of our green initiatives we continually seek areas to improve upon to ensure a better tomorrow. We are building on the current strengths of our environmental programs to amplify sustainable practices throughout our business and reduce our carbon footprint.

TPI’s Green Initiatives include:

Energy conservation

  • Energy saving fluorescent and LED lighting.
  • Motion detection fluorescent lighting.
  • Time and Temperature activated HVAC controls.
  • Scheduled daily downtime, where all lights, production equipment, computers, and heating systems are turned off or cut back to minimum operation.

Solid Waste Reduction

  • Recycling programs in place for Plastic, Metal, and Paper.
  • Reducing our solid waste by 68% from 2010.
  • A recycling program partnering TPI with local farmers and landscaping companies for agricultural use of scrap products.
  • Reducing our solid waste by an additional 30% from 2010.
  • Use of reusable dishware to reduce paper waste even farther.


  • Donations are made to such organizations as AIB and K-State.
  • Donations are made to culinary learning institutions to educate the future of our industry in eco-friendly practices.


Whenever possible TPI uses products from companies that also have environmental stewardship programs in place.
TPI uses office paper produced from sustainable forestry.

TPI’s future Green endeavors include:

  • Researching and using recycled office & restroom supplies such as pens, paper towels, and toilet tissue.
  • Researching and using of recycled plastic trash can liners.
  • Researching shipping products such as bags, cartons, and plastic wrap that may be made from recycled or sustainable sources.
  • Researching into the possibilities for improvement of air filtration systems.